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Do you want to find out how your website looks to users or how it is possible to establish an efficient interaction in terms of online reputation?

To these questions our web analytics consulting and website analysis
services represent a concrete and valuable answer for the customer, helping to understand user behaviour on its platform. How?

Through an analysis of the quality of the traffic on the website, which shows the user who visits your website and the respective topic of interest, the names and the most important public data in order to develop a direct marketing action, together with the value users and a sequence of the pages visited with the relative time spent, the topics and the sections of the website.

We carry out a monitoring on the quality of your promotional and online marketing actions, which allows us to know the origin website of the business leads, measure the effectiveness of your marketing actions in relation to the quantity and quality of the business leads, know which keyword is used by the business leads on a search engines, and finally, check the quality of your positioning on search engines through the traffic of users who visit the website and have an report of the advertising developed on the portal.

We support you in the development of macro areas of intervention, in order to choose the most suitable platform for your needs, install the monitoring code, select the main metrics and KPI (Key Performance Indicator), and elaborate a reporting analysis.


The provision of the Web analytics service includes:

  • Monthly report with the list of users who have visited the website
  • Analytics Data, that is, the number of pages viewed and unique visitors, the keywords with which they entered the website, the nationality of origin and the number of users who come to the website for the first time.

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