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App development

For more structured needs for greater visibility, we assist our customers in the creation of native mobile apps for Ios, Android and Windows Phone.

To date, the largest companies in the industry use the app both to promote new accesses (for example by conveying new traffic for news websites), and to promote brand awareness and offer the user a more complete navigation by offering additional features.
On the other hand, developing an app for a company is, perhaps, the most effective way to approach your business to new potential customers.

Over the years we have specialized in the realization of customer solutions developed natively with Xcode and Eclipse technology to respond adequately to every customers needs and offer a completely new experience, usable from the screen of your smartphone or tablet

Among the numerous projects that we follow on a daily basis, we can boast a competence in the apps development with the following activities:

• Push notifications integration
• Native mobile games creation
• Geolocation functionality
• Editorial apps creation
• Data and DB management

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