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Why not try to cross the Italian borders of your business to land in new international markets full of opportunities?

The emerging markets of South America, for example, are strongly interested
in the achievement of the Italian companies, in particular in the production of fashion, industrial machinery, food or tourism industry.

Through cooperation agreements and with the help of local partner located in the main international territories, we can provide to our customers who need to sell abroad a full service of translation, localization and adaptation of their website to the demand of the new market.

The commercial expansion project towards new markets will be supported by the SEO optimization of the websites for the positioning on local search engines and by an effective online communication campaign, in the language and for the reference topics required for the country of destination.

Our service will also support customers with bureaucratic, fiscal and logistic consultancy for all aspects related to the creation and monitoring of e-commerce within the requested market.

Thanks to our internalization service, we will plan together the creation, development and management of your e-commerce abroad through activities:

  • Analysis of emerging markets
  • Analysis of competitors
  • Analysis of strategic keywords
  • Translation and localization of the website
  • Adaptation of communication
  • SEO optimization of the content and structure of the website
  • Planning of the advertising campaign on local search engines
  • PR Online campaign on networking website of local news
  • Display campaigns on selected target website
  • Logistic organization consultancy
  • Customer relationship management consultancy
  • Monitoring and reporting

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