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Link popularity, i.e. the volume of links generated by external sources that lead to your website, is one of the indicator that allow you to measure the visibility of a website.

Better the quality, number and reliability of the incoming linksto your website, the better will be its visibility online. The popularity of the link is therefore a measure of the quality and reliability of the contents of the website and is an indicator that the search engines integrate into their algorithms to regulate the positioning within the SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

To generate a better link popularity, link building, link earning and link baiting techniques are used, all of which aim to obtain quality return links to the client-s website, in most cases through the dissemination of quality/viral /informative content.

The distribution of this information on different online platforms contributes to achieve some indispensable targets, namely to generate direct traffic to the company’s official website, to improve the positioning on search engines and to manage one’s online reputation.

If once, the protagonist was the article marketing in gaining inbound links, now the available tools are different and as a consequence of the algorithmic variations introduced by Google, also the efficacy of the various techniques and its impact on the website vary: for example, the case of guest post, namely the creation of viral content to be shared on selected ad hoc platforms, the use of quotes and much more.

It is important to rely on professionals of the industry because, if through link building techniques poor of quality backlinks are obtained, it can even be harmful and penalize the website, making it disappear from the SERP.

Here the reason to have excellent results, our team generates a real action plan before creating the most suitable strategy for obtaining links – link building strategy – starting from an in-depth analysis of the customer and the context in which it operates, going through the analysis of the competitor, and finally implementing what is planned.

It is therefore important to plan a process that will lead to a natural and progressive increase of Link Popularity.

The Link popularity services mainly concern:

  • Creation of quality content through the development of articles focused on specific topics and the distribution of these on specialized sites;
  • Co-marketing activities through the creation of editorial content for high-traffic websites or portals;
  • Blog marketing activities through the insertion of targeted measures on forums, newsgroups and thematic blogs;
  • Bait-marketing activities through the development of inspiring content, useful to engaging external website to link our pages in a spontaneous way.

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