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The Mobile Marketing, today, represents a necessary resource for the planning of an effective communication campaign.

There are numerous advantages related to the capacity of mobile devices,privileges regarding the high rate of penetration into the population, the immediacy of use, the interactivity, the measurability of the results or, furthermore, the profiling of users.

This is the reason why we offer to our customers a strategic Marketing Mobile service by offering the planning of ad hoc communication campaigns on mobile devices, Smartphones or Tablets, to achieve concrete targets of visibility and contact.
We do not offer only intervention strategies but a careful activity of analysis, management and control of the entire process of creating mobile campaigns from their first design to the final launch on the market.

To respond to specific needs, we structure Mobile Couponing campaigns that can increase your offline commerce activity as well as increase the collection of data, usefult to carrying out subsequent advertising actions.

Furthermore, we have already supported numerous customers in the planning and development of native mobile apps, creating playful software with the purpose of entertaining the users, or even client tools for information and usefulness.

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