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What does online reputation mean? Practically everything: imagine having an excellent product to sell, a winning team, irrefutable arguments and excellent post- sales management.

Now, also imagine that people have a low opinion of your company, it derives from problems – now solved- shared online by unhappy customers, who immediately appear on the first page of the search engines.
How you will convince the world that the new product is valuable?

The reputation is nothing more than users online perception of a Company (its products / services) or a Person, obtained from public information found on the web.
Practically, we can help you to monitoring online what is said about you and your company and also we can show you the solution to any potential problems.

The online reputation management has always been one of the pillars of Ad Maiora: probably when your company was born, we were already working to ensure the management and control of the online presence of our customers brands.

How we take action on the online brand reputation? We carry out the monitoring and analysis of the “sentiment” linked to a brand, a person, a product, a service or an event, where the term ”sentiment” means the positive, negative or simply neutral approach of the user towards the object of his opinion.
To carry out this activity we use software, collaborations and strategic synergies with important partners of the industry.

Specifically, for “Sentiment Analysis”, we indicate the semiotic analysis of the opinions identified within social environments, on certain keywords of customer interest with the aim of efficiently mapping the perceptions developed by the market and better managing the online marketing mix, structuring and planning future initiatives and investments.

What is said about you and your company online? Contact us by filling out the form below: our team of professionals will evaluate your web reputation and will offer you to you potential remediation and cleaning of research engines or maybe we will congrats to you because your customers are happy about you

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