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Creating a start-up on the web is not easy: the web, in constant and frenetic evolution, is the result of the constant creation of new ideas and innovations.

For this reason, the only idea is not enough, it is necessary to have a business model and organize an efficient system of production capable of generating profit. It is in this sense that we intervene: our strategic consultancy service, addressed to start up and to new business ideas, combines advanced web marketing skills, drawn from over 18 years of online presence, and knowing how about how to do business.

If you want transform an idea into a successful start-up, we will drive you throughout the journey, helping you to develop the potential of your business, to be able to sell abroad and obviously in Italy!

The strategic business consultancy that we offer involves several steps:

  • Feasibility study: an analysis of research volumes and emerging markets for your business, to determine how many people are looking for your services and products, and what words they are using;
  • Business model canvas: visual model that encompasses the basic elements of your business, such as the value offered (in terms of products / services), customers, production infrastructure and financial model;
  • Business plan: setting up and drafting of the business plan, a document that summarizes the contents and characteristics of the business project (business idea);
  • Marketing and communication strategies: strategic project to create interest around your project and give it the visibility it deserves, to attract new investors and find customers

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