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The traditional advertising system tends, over time, to yield important portions of interest in favor of information that is developed exclusively online

Thanks to the increase of available information in the web and with the progressive growth of social environments, where is possible to share news and discuss it, ensure that the consumer before making a purchasing choice “explores” the web requesting opinions and experiences and searching for useful advice in order to make the right decision.

On the other hand, the increase of the audience reached online, defines a new value for the corporate information and for its disclosure on the web, creating a new corporate communication circuit.

The press release or (PR), becomes one of the most effective means by which a company can communicate externally with its target audience through the services of a PR Online Agency.
Our PR Online service allows each company to establish a privileged communication channel between its brand and the web.
The purpose of PR Online is to inform people on the web about company life, to encourage social buzzing and spread virally news about the company.

The disclosure of a corporate press release takes place, from an exclusively operational point of view, on professional and certified circuits predisposed for the release:it is the online PR Agency that identifies web portals for general press releases or selectable for local and sectoral market sectors.
The quality of PR success, in fact, is linked to the need for a disclosure that is always consistent with the issue of interest of the company, with its business needs, with the target audience.

The PR Online service aims to:

  • Increase the visibility of the brand and the company;
  • Promoting news products services and events on the web;
  • Encourage a trusted relationship with the target audience;
  • Preserve the company reputation.

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