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Through integrated SEO and Link Building strategies, we are able to optimize your website by improving the ranking on search engines

The search engines represent the most important tool of marketing inan online communication project and recent analysis of the sector confirm that the 92% of users are looking for products and services exclusively through the use of search engines.

When the user shows an interest or purchase/search intent (identifies his search query), is very important that the company website has his visibility in the first results of the research and provide the most appropriate answer. This is the reason why , today, the search engines represent one of the most profitable marketing tools to the company: because they help the companies to meet specific needs requested by the consumers.

The optimization on search engines allows your website to:

Increase the targeted traffic
Improve the availability /usability of the information contained
Stand out on the competition and market competitors
Fix technical programming errors of the CSM used
Preserve the steady traffic even if you modify the website ( structure or contents)
• Approach new markets at low costs

Our Agency in Rome and Milan offers to the customers a SEO service (Search Engine Optimization) personalized, according to the peculiarity and needs expressed, type of website on which to operate and its structure, with the shared intent to achieve optimal performance and visibility targets.

Our technical areas of intervention include:

Analysis of the starting situation of the website and definition of the personalized strategy
Optimization of the website structure
Optimization of the existing contents
Training and measures on-site
Development of new contents
Localization of the contents in the languages defined by the project
• Development of Link Popularity through off-site activity
• Final reporting to highlight the increase of the organic traffic and placement

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