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We can help you to spread online news and information about your activity, supporting in the management of your communication on channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Pinterest.

Since years we plan and realize integrated strategies of Social Media Marketing (SMM) with the target to encourage the presence online of the client brand and increase the visibility on different communication channels 2.0.

We suggest a consultancy and support service in the management of the company web profiles in the most popular social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube, Flickr), promoting the communication and the online relationships between the company and its potential target.

Every Social Media platform, indeed, can contribute to the management and transmission of corporate communication, ii a totally viral way. Website as Facebook or Twitter, allow the creation of personalized brand-page by defining a new information gateway company-target; YouTube is binding for the realization of the video sharing activities, same Flickr can also arrange accurate photo-sharing strategies. Editorial contents, video or photos generate a new resource of useful information for web users; news and documents based on “word of mouth”, functional to increase the notoriety and brand reputation.

Every Social media strategy is structured according to the needs of our clients and targets that the company aims to achieve in short, medium and long term.

Every Social media projects start with a monitoring sentence useful to observe the presence or absence of the customer brand on the channels and the quantitative and qualitative analysis of the web “sentiment” to define the design, development and promotion of professional strategies to be implemented (distinguished by every single social media channels), as well as the potential planning of industry events, functional to increase the connection between the company and the target blogger-influencer.

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