Toyota Insurance Management opens the world of social media: with Ad Maiora the challenge to enter the online conversations market

Toyota Insurance Management is an insurance intermediary of the Toyota Group, which was created with the aim of offering insurance solutions that reflect the quality of Toyota vehicles.

Toyota Insurance Management is in fact today one of the most relevant realities within the national market thanks to the offer commercial of packages and ad hoc insurance services designed to protect Toyota vehicles from any unexpected events.

Among the most appreciated solutions on the market there is, for example, the Restart product, which guarantees the value of the car in the event of theft for 5 years provided that you opt for the repurchase of a Toyota vehicle; but there are many exclusive advantages offered to Toyota buyers and this is why today the company decides to appear with a local strategy with a B2C target on social networks, to promote the quality of its ecosystem and insurance solutions.

In the communication strategy on social media there is the digital communication company Ad Maiora which will take care of both the editorial aspect and the analysis of the effectiveness of planning.

The goal of the launch of the Facebook and Twitter channels is in fact linked both to the increase awareness of Toyota Insurance’s insurance proposition, and its recognition on the market. For those who own a Toyota car, the proposals of Toyota Insurance Management represent the best that the market can offer, that is why communication will focus on the values ​​of reliability, safety, technology and infotelematics.

For those looking for Toyota’s construction excellence in the world insurance, from today you will also find it on Facebook and Twitter

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