The women of Ad Maiora are told – Stefania

How do you use technology during the day?
The use of technology is at the center of my day, especially at work. Every day I use social networks to engage in interactions with users of the pages I follow, trying to involve them and communicate with them. In addition, for better work management, I use apps such as Asana, Slack and Trello. Technology is essential to give a quick response to its customers and always be on the piece, whatever happens online and beyond.
I realize that I am now dependent on it, even in the private sphere.
Who can live without internet anymore?
The speed it allows for giving and receiving answers is irreplaceable.

What technologies do you think will change the world?
Facial recognition technologies or personal assistants like Alexa or Echo will change our day and how we will tackle anything, like buying a dress or paying offline. I also hope that pioneers like Elon Musk will be able to change the world of transportation. I still believe in a world more focused on the environment.
What do you do in Ad Maiora?
I am the company Social Media Strategist, I manage the department and I create strategies for customers. In addition, together with the graphic designer, we manage the creativity department. Lately we have created together a beautiful campaign for AdMaiora which I am very proud of.
From the point of view of your profession, is there a problem of gender difference between men and women?
In my personal growth I think I have been lucky. I had the opportunity to work with men and women without ever feeling sidelined or discriminated against as a “female”. Indeed I must say that in social media I see more and more women managing departments, creating campaigns and strategies. It is a modern world, born just under 10 years ago, that’s why we are all young people, with other mentalities towards the past. There will always be resistance, but I believe that a world of equal opportunities is increasingly possible.
What advice would you give to a woman to do your job?

Never give up. We have received all the doors in the face, but if a dynamic world, always changing, stimulates you then social media is the right field for you. Study at university, study on your own, always updating yourself, train yourself and always be curious. It is often thought that it is fun and easy to work on social networks. It is not, like any other job there is effort and commitment. Solo is much more beautiful