The women of Ad Maiora are told: Sabine

How do you use technology during the day?
Like everyone else – only with the addition of many specific tools for my work. Then, when I can, I update myself with the latest news of the people I consider experts in the sector to follow, on Facebook, Twitter and various blogs. It is essential to be updated and receive new inputs and new ideas.

What technologies do you think will change the world?
I wish I could say one day “beam me up, Scotty!”, But at the moment we have to be satisfied with intelligence artificial and blockchain, both with high future potential. Then, we will see what else Elon Musk has at stake, I respect him very much

What do you do in Ad Maiora?
I am a SEO Specialist: I optimize my clients websites so that they can be found on search engines. I’m the one who tells you what are the technical problems of your website, where you should touch up the content and how you can sell more. I keep an eye on your placements and find solutions to constantly improve your organic search performance. Step by step. SEO does not bring immediate results, such as SEM for example, and requires constant time and work.

From the point of view of your profession, is there a gender difference problem between men and women?
In general, I don’t like distinguishing people at all. One is good or not. As a SEO woman, sometimes happens that someone would like to see a male instead of me, but usually, they are happy to work together.
So it’s a problem to ignore when it happens – just keep working.

What advice would you give to a woman to do your job?
The same as I would also give to a male. It takes passion for SEO. If you don’t constantly update your motivation (because you really like it), leave it alone because you will struggle. Make contacts, look for other people with the same passion.