The women of Ad Maiora are told – Francesca

How do you use technology during the day?
I use technology only in terms of “efficiency and energy saving”, for my work and family organization. My use of technology is therefore limited and strongly oriented towards solving concrete problems. Simplicity of use is the lever to then decide on its effective and prolonged use over time. Obviously the Internet, therefore PC, Mobile Apps, E-commerce, Electronic Registry, Smartphone, Remote Banking, not necessarily in this order.

In a nutshell the questions are “do I need it?” “How long does it take for you to learn or for it to work?” “Do I save enough time to decide to abandon my habits?”
Based on these simple answers, I use or do not use technology. I show less enthusiasm for a remote control of the TV, the playstation, chatbot, for a pair of glasses that makes me visit virtually unknown places or that updates the playlist in the morning, or prints the smurfs in 3D. I get excited if thanks to a “technology” I can have more time for my family or do my job better. Point.

Which technologies do you think will change the world?
Efficiency-oriented technologies that can “connect” people both on the “physical” (mobility) and communication level will reduce the world, reducing distances and times.
Technologies that will improve accessibility to resources in particular information and education by an audience that currently does not have them will be revolutionary.
The technologies of materials that will replace plastic and hydrocarbons will be revolutionary.
The technologies that will help us have more free time will be revolutionary.
The world is changing technology that is within everyone’s reach, usable by the largest number of people, from which the largest number of subjects can “benefit”. The mass aspect of technology in terms of accessibility and simplicity make it the revolutionary figure.
Big data analysis is the most interesting technology in the future for me, professionally and worldwide for the complexity and the amount of data we will have access to. Broadband, and Green Tech the most necessary. The rest will have a relative revolutionary impact, which will necessarily pass through the scrutiny of “security”, another of human needs. ” you are fast, you are interesting, but is it safe? ”
Wereable, home automation, augmented reality, oled screens, driverless cars, new payment systems will change our “small” western habits. But communicating and knowing will change our “sense” and our “feeling” with a long-term impact. Personally, I believe that the technology that will change the world will also be based on personalization and therefore on artificial intelligence.
I imagine a Chatbot Advisor, a sort of advanced, competent, attentive, active 24/7 technological consultancy able to sew and plan tailor-made technological desks, capable of facilitating and solving your most varied daily problems. Accessible everywhere. Are you an explorer? Are you physically disabled? Are you a control freak? Are you looking for a job? Do you travel often? Do you work remotely? Compulsive shopper? Do you have an elderly person at home to manage? Your “facilitator” technology desk is ready to increase and / or improve performance and life experience. I predict that this brand new ChatBot will be woman and human

What do you do in Ad Maiora?
I deal with web marketing, advertising planning, data analysis and mental health.

From the point of view of your profession, is there a gender difference problem between men and women?
From my point of view, on a technical level, the gender difference does not exist. It depends on commitment, study and personal talent. On the other hand, there is a sort of cultural pressure that weighs on women’s choices and on business decisions. Making the presence of women shy in this sector at least in Italy. Remote work, especially for women in my industry, is a life saver. But we must not go back because in my sector and in technology in general there is a need for competent women. The woman has a greater listening ability, she is a social antenna, in particular in the field of social relations and in grasping the root of the problem she knows how to give more adequate answers, or different ideas. Biologically, motherhood and “taking care” develop highly different abilities in her, in addition to the well-known superpowers. The absence of women in every professional sphere can become a social problem for me. Gender exclusion or self-exclusion is an impoverishment for all. It’s all about trust, expectations (and I’m not talking about motherhood) and fair pay.

What advice would you give to a woman to do your job?
There are basic qualities that need to be cultivated. Empathy, Constancy, Responsibility, Curiosity, Ability to collaborate. And these are built in a highly non-technological, but very real place that is the family and the everyday life made up of real communities and friendships. Then there are skills, which instead must be built. Organization. Doing our job requires organization. And updated skills. The first step is training. The second is the field test, you learn a lot by doing, with testing and intuition, and learning from your own and others’ mistakes. The third is the comparison. Participating in communities and having a comparison with people in the sector is fundamental. Then you need curiosity and the desire to solve “problems”. I suggest learning how to use the various digital communication channels, but above all understanding their “heart” (why people use them and what they expect to find or be able to do).

You can’t do this job without knowing English. To update and to work. Minimum English. And then watch out for the players in the sector you want to be part of. Another very important thing is to do something else. Web marketing is digital, but the goal is human. If you stay in the digital and virtual world, locked in a magma of codes, you lose sight of the goal and entertain fun, self-referential, perhaps efficient, but ineffective strategies.