The women of Ad Maiora are told – Federica Z.

How do you use technology during the day?
The advantages that mobile technologies offer to those who need to work on the go like me are many: every day I go from professional and personal mail control, in the office or during a trip, to updating in real time on social networks of news and curiosities, the rapid exchange of information via chat with customers, colleagues and friends. From a professional point of view, I do not only save time, but I gain quality in my working life, filling waiting or transfer times (meeting rooms, taxis, airports, stations), optimizing office work and ensuring greater freedom in administration of my contacts. Smartphone, Ipad and Laptop are the tools that I use every day and that allow me to carry on every activity. Also, with internet telephony applications like Skype, I can work as if I were always at my desk.

What technologies do you think will change the world?
Artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, Internet of things and driverless cars will be the main technologies destined to develop more and be more present in our existence in the immediate future.

What do you do in Ad Maiora?
I have the good fortune to work in Ad Maiora for 10 years, I am the commercial manager of the agency. The mission of a sales manager is to sell, in the most efficient way, on the most profitable markets. I must say that in our sector this figure has pleasantly transformed over the years becoming more like that of a consultant, a person who, having ascertained qualification in the matter, advises and assists his client in carrying out shared activities, strategies and projects, providing information or solutions through its know-how and its problem solving skills.

From the point of view of your profession, is there a problem of gender difference between men and women?
I deal daily with marketing managers, commercial directors, CEO of medium-large companies and I do not find an imbalance between women and men as regards their presence in management and non-executive positions. Women have the same opportunities to fulfill their ambitions.

What advice would you give to a woman to do your job?
My suggestion is to always give great importance to interpersonal relationships, harmony in relationships and communication. It is important to combine personal skills: speed to understand and solve problems, the ability to communicate effectively, to think for goals and not for tasks, to be proactive, to know how to get in touch with others.