The women of Ad Maiora are told: Fabiana

How do you use technology during the day?
Technology takes an important role in my daily life: it is necessary to inform me in a short time about what is happening in the world, to feed my passions and above all to get inspiration for my job. Technology provides us an immediate key of exploiting knowledge, it is up to us to transform inputs into good ideas!

What technologies do you think will change the world?
The focus will be on the well-being of the individual: I think that in the future we will focus even more on developing technologies that are able to simplify users lives.

What do you do in Ad Maiora?
I deal with Digital PR whose purpose is to increase online visibility to the brand, promote new products or services, encourage buzzing and spreading news about the business in viral way.

From the point of view of your profession, is there a problem of gender difference between men and women?
I think there is no particular difference between men and women in my field, what is important is the quality and the critical spirit with which the work is faced. The gender gap continues to be an important topic to discuss, with the aim of placing the professional skills at the center while avoiding disparity treatments.

What advice would you give to a woman to do your job?
Read, travel, ask questions. Always. Cultivate your passions because it is these that define who you are and bring a unique point of view in your work. Try to work in a team, because it is from comparison with others that the most beautiful and stimulating ideas emerge. And above all, try to learn from every aspect of your profession and from every person around you.