Case History SEO SISAL
Case History SEO SISAL

Case History SEO SISAL


The work carried out on the Sisalpay.it website began in the planning phase, a preliminary study was carried out on the online competitors who provided the same services as Sisal Pay: payments
of services / tributes and online TV or telephone top-ups.


From this analysis, we identified the most strategic keywords and created a structure that could make the most of them. We also took care of the content and html code aspect before going online.



From 2013 to today, the SisalPay.it website has been growing steadily, organic visits have increased by 34% compared to the previous 12 months (July 2013 / July 2014 vs July 2014 / July 2015), the positions achieved are stable in first position for high competition keywords, bypassing online competitors: mobile top-ups / bill payments / digital TV top-up

Graph 1 shows the first 12 months of BLUE organic traffic compared to the following 12 months ORANGE which records + 34%

Graph 2 trend of organic traffic from online to today


Grafico 2 andamento del traffico organico dalla messa online ad oggi
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